Alternative Press Review Weekly News & Views Roundup - April 19, 2010

Alternative Press Review Weekly News & Views Roundup

(April 19, 2010)

Comic of the Week: The War Criminal's Guide to Etiquette

Revisiting Economic Man

Alexia Eastwood, STWR

Recent empirical studies suggest that people, far from being self-interested ‘rational maximizers’, have an innate tendency to share and cooperate. Could renewed scientific interest in the essence of human nature provide the building blocks for an alternative economic order?

Take This Empire and Shove It!

Cindy Sheehan, ICH

In many of my speeches soon after Casey was killed, I used to call war “a failure of imagination.” Now I know that’s crap—war is imagined by and for the war machine and gladly perpetrated by its toady elected officials and promoted by its toady media.

The Global War on Tribes

Zoltan Grossman, Counterpunch

Proponents of the “Global War on Tribes” are seemingly unfraid to connect it to past campaigns against tribes around the world. The analyst and author Robert D. Kaplan wrote in the Wall Street Journal (9/24/04) that “…the American military is back to the days of fighting the Indians."

Americans Kill Muslims Like Roaches

Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

The current American imperial offensive “has all the characteristics of a race war,” and is viewed as such by much of the world. In Muslim nations, the U.S. treats the inhabitants like roaches, stomping human beings underfoot and cursing them when they scurry to get out of the way.

The 'Obama doctrine': kill, don't detain

Asim Qureshi, The Guardian

George Bush left a big problem in the shape of Guantánamo. The solution? Don't capture bad guys, assassinate by drone.

Liberals Smear Wikileaks

Justin Raimondo,

While Assange is being tailed by Hillary’s gendarmes, and a brazen campaign of intimidation is being carried out by government agencies against a legal organization and web site, the "liberals" over at Mother Jones are doing their bit by trying to discredit Assange, and Wikileaks, in progressive circles.

Chomsky Warns of Risk of Fascism in America

Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive

“I’m just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler’s speeches on the radio,” he said, “and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering” here at home.

How Stalin Funded the Tea Party Movement

Yasha Levine, The Exiled

Everyone knows that Tea Party revolutionaries fear and hate socialism about as much as the Antichrist. Which is funny, because the Tea Party movement’s dirty little secret is that it owes its existence to the granddaddy of all Antichrists: the godless empire of the USSR.

Nation of Laws and Lawlessness: America is Policing Itself and the World

Prof. John Kozy, Global Research

Police are not agents of order; they are agents of retribution. And lawlessness in a society is not an indictment of people, it is an indictment of government.

Journalist whistleblower faces life imprisonment, or worse

Jonathan Cook, The Electronic Intifada

What is misleadingly being called in Israel the "Anat Kamm espionage affair" is quickly revealing the dark underbelly of a nation that has worshipped for decades at the altar of a security state.

'Food Hero' says to Value Soil, Not Oil

Christine Cox, Common Dreams

"We've been sold a major myth on the grounds that the application of chemicals will improve yield. It's not true," she said. "It will kill soil."

Planetary Ecological Emergency Declared

The natural right of all species to take all necessary actions to protect themselves, their habitat and do what is necessary to avoid ecocide is thus activated. This is not a drill.

Can Love Survive the 21st Century?

Louise Kirk, Wild River Review

We text, send emails, and instant message. We tweet and we facebook. But while new communication platforms spring up left, right and center, are our relationships suffering rather than flourishing?