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    The Importance of Social Media in Online Marketing

    In recent days, life has totally taken a new toll, and we are living in a new generation where if you do not brush up to the latest marketing trends, you will not be able to keep up with your competition. Social media businesses are booming like never before, and the internet user base is growing with each passing day. According to experts, social media marketing will be the next big thing in the near future, and it will likely take over all other marketing strategies. Therefore if you have not yet thought onto social media marketing, it is time that you got into it.

    Social media has proven to be a very effective way of reaching out to a large mass of potential customers for free. There are still other paid options available such as on Twitter, but there are a million ways where you can engage with your customers on social media for free. In recent days, most companies have started employing affiliate marketing as a sale and marketing strategy for their businesses. Before the introduction of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, affiliate marketers used to focus mainly on SEO, list building, and paid ads to get connected to the most relevant traffic. This method still works today. But social media has a wider traffic coverage.

    Affiliate sites that are reaping the most out of social media include:

    •This is why am broke: an Amazon affiliate site which features a large number of social media followings
    •The wire cutter: This is a product review site that uses Amazon and other high profile retailers as affiliates
    •PC part Picker: This affiliate site contains content intended mainly for those looking to establish PC.

    Role of Social Media in Affiliate Marketing

    1.Marketing strategies

    Since social media has basically become a basic need to most users today, it provides a platform where marketers can get a sneak peek into their potential customer’s lives. These sneak peeks are important because they provide information about the interests of a customer, hence giving a marketer a chance to plan his moves properly.

    2.Quick Problem Resolving

    Social media also provides a platform where marketers can promptly reply on client’s feedback. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, you have the upper hand of responding within seconds. This is also a way to build trust from your clients.

    3.More sales realization

    When you make a habit of constantly communicating with your customers and replying to their inquiries, they are more likely to connect to your services. You can use social media to easily achieve this by always staying in front of your customers. They will eventually get drawn to your services since you are always available, and this will lead to more sales.

    4.Absolutely free to use

    Promoting your brand on social media is free of charge, unlike in most digital platforms. You have a chance of creating an entire brand and promoting your services, all at no cost. Additionally, you can freely target your preferred customer base, and connect with them, still at no charge.


    Social media can help you build a trustworthy brand and help any startup get recognition in the market. Coming up with a new brand is easy, however, retaining a lead in the market place is the most difficult task, and this is where you should make the most use of social media.

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    5 Reasons to be an Entrepreneur

    Being an entrepreneur is something that many people aspire to but most of them simply do not follow through.  The main reason is that they are employed and find it very difficult to balance entrepreneurship with work, friends and family.

    For those that take the time and invest in themselves to become an entrepreneur here are five reasons as to why you should become one.

    1. Freedom

    Being an entrepreneur allows you to have a lot of freedom because you are calling the shots.  You no longer have to drive to work or listen to your boss telling you what to do.  You can take a vacation whenever you want and you can work when you want.  You can even work in your pajamas if you have a home office.

    1. Financial Reward

    This one is obvious because everyone knows that people who can afford expensive homes and cars are either highly paid lawyers, CEOs or business owners.  If you have no chance of becoming a lawyer or ceo than being an entrepreneur is your next best bet.  Not every entrepreneur makes a lot of money because it takes a lot of work and a lot of time.

    Chances are in your first year or two you may not make any money because you will be building your business and investing all your money back into your business.  In some cases some people will find a goldmine of the business and start making money and becoming profitable with in a few weeks.

    1. Envy of Peers

    When people know that you are a business owner they will look you differently.  It’s funny because in the very beginning when you’re struggling people will probably put you down and just tell you to get a job or just focus on the job that you have.  When you become successful, they all want to be you.

    1. Ability to Learn More

    Real entrepreneurs are ones that are constantly seeking to learn more.  With an entrepreneur the learning never stops.  For many of them they are never satisfied with the knowledge that they currently have and will always try to educate themselves.  Entrepreneurs will always look for opportunities which is in stark contrast with average people who just look for obstacles to avoid.

    1. Change The World

    This one may not apply to all entrepreneurs as most of them are in it for the money and freedom.  However, some budding entrepreneurs have a sense that they want to change the world for the better.  This is a big picture item that you may not possess but it could come in time.


    So how does one become an entrepreneur?  One of the best ways to get started is to ensure that your overhead is extremely low.  Setting up a business online is the best way and makes the most sense.  You’ll need to educate yourself with what it is that you want to do.

    You’ll need the tools to help you on your way to success so buying a course will be essential.  You’ll need to research courses and get many reviews as possible.  Internet Marketing is a broad subject so there are many different things that you can do.  Check out drews-review.com to find out what course you might be interested in an then reads his reviews to see if it is a worthwhile buy or not.

    Once you have identified a course that you want to take and a niche that you want to be in, it will be up to you if you become successful or not.  Most Internet Marketing guru’s that have written these courses have become successful due to a lot of hard work.  You’ll need to put his timing as well.  Good luck.



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    Alternatepressreview Statement

    Business owners that have had success online are enjoying a lavish lifestyle if they have made the right choices. Many new people try every day to start a business online – and it’s not wonder as it is a billion dollar industry.

    Anyone Can Have an Online Business

    The great thing about the internet is that anyone can start something online and make it a legitimate business. From starting a blog to having a full-fledged ecom business, anything is possible.

    The important thing is to determine what kind of business online would suit you the most. If you are an extrovert and like to talk and meet people, then perhaps a social media or SEO agency would suit you best. This requires a lot of sales work and door knocking per-se to get off the ground so it’s not for everybody.

    Work in Your Pajamas?

    If you prefer to work in your pajamas, then affiliate marketing or e-commerce is a good choice. With this businesses you can do everything from home. Any contact via the outside world can be done via email, skype or some other form of chat. This is the business model I prefer and will be discussing this on my blog for the most part.